Mahoto Mugita, Project Manager, Genomedia
Mahoto Mugita, Project ManagerUndoubtedly, the past two years have been one of the critical periods for life sciences experts due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The community was under immense pressure to come up with a potent antidote for the novel coronavirus and regulate its effects. Even though the intense research is yet on its way to fully being declared as a success, constant efforts are put into preventing the virus from causing any more harm. However, in this united attempt against the pandemic, the role of genomic analysis is vital. This process of identifying, measuring, and comparing genomic features such as DNA sequence and structural variation does hold undeniable significance in drug discovery and much scientific research. For this reason, there is always a need for efficient genomic analysis tools and solutions. This is where Genomedia comes into the picture.

Genomedia hails from Tokyo, Japan, and has been providing leading-edge services and tools for genomic information analysis to medical research experts. The company is keen on conducting research and development in the genomic analysis space and leverages those insights into offering high-speed and highly efficient solutions to perform every level of the process from sample preparation to software and tool development. Genomedia focuses on the development and provision of analysis and diagnostic services and aims to come up with various software and tools required to perform the procedures.

Genomedia: One-Stop-Shop For Genomic Information Analysis Services

The company has its own exquisite range of services and tools competent enough to serve today’s scientific community. Genomedia provides persistent support from the stage of sample preparation to reporting. The company is continually working on its research to come up with excellent realization methods for genomic information analysis by carrying out one-stop operations at every phase of the operation.

Genomedia also provides a data management service named Genomedia Front, which can realize integrated management of clinical information and clinical sequence information. This service helps to collect information from public databases along with clinical information, genome, or mutation information helps in integrated management. This service also offers plug-ins necessary for analysis, the feature of customization, and the option to add and modify items accordingly on the cloud. In addition, it helps to efficiently manage information from individual patient level and clinical trial level as well.

Genomedia have been providing services and tools for genomic information analysis to medical research experts

On the other hand, Genomedia® Front can also be utilized to generate clinical trials, clinical trial information, and drug information reports corresponding to the individual patient's clinical information or mutation information.

Moving forward, Genomedia intends to continue serving their clients with utmost dedication and maximum effort. Moreover, the company is looking to expand their capabilities by implementing modern methodologies to come up with enhanced services and solutions.