Gi-Ok Kim, CEOStudying the intricacies of the biological universe, and understanding its inner workings, is the future of medicine; and South Korea-based Genolution Inc., recognized the value of viewing the world from a molecular perspective very early on. The company, established in 2006, has been dedicatedly focused on improving the quality of life for patients everywhere through its solutions borne from comprehensive molecular diagnostics research. It initially concentrated on RNA interference (RNAi)—Small Interfering RNA (siRNA) for antiviral, antibacterial, and antitumoral agents. However, after delving deeper into its research, the company concluded that the extraction of RNA, DNA, or nucleic acids is the most critical step in advancing the life sciences and drug development industry.

Since this realization, Genolution has spent the last decade extensively researching and developing nucleic acid extraction. Moreover, the company also noticed a gap in the market for faster, more accurate, and cost-effective product development solutions. It thus worked toward addressing these unmet industry requirements tirelessly. The results of Genolution’s efforts and longstanding experience in the field are now presented to the world in the form of Nextractor, a robust automated, and easy-to-use DNA and RNA extraction instrument, the company’s flagship offering.

The Nextractor instrument plays a vital role in supporting downstream genomics processes, extracting nucleic acids in its purest state from various sample types such as blood, saliva, or tissue. The chemistry of Genolution’s reagent further improves the yield quality, directly affecting the downstream applications in next-generation sequencing (NGS) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing. Nextractor’s capabilities particularly shined during the COVID-19 pandemic as Genolution’s devices showcased an impressive processing and turnaround time of 20 minutes that quickly overtook the industry standard of one or two hours.

GENOLUTION: Superior DNA/RNA Extraction Capabilities for MDx, Genomics, and Agricultural Development

“We believe that our fast, robust, and affordable products can provide researchers with the benefits they need to improve their genomic services,” expresses Gi Ok Kim, CEO of Genolution.

The company’s Nextractor line of products has multiple variants for differing sample processing needs. Innovating atop this breakthrough technology, the genomics expert developed Nextractor NX-Junior to accommodate smaller labs and their restrictive budgets. Genolution’s NX-Duo, on the other hand, helps organizations extract genetic substances from 96 samples or extract cfDNA from 24 samples, such as urine and plasma; this feature is expected to be extremely vital in processes requiring high-throughput DNA and RNA extraction in facilities such as genetic testing centers. Moreover, the company’s latest R&D involves automated robotic based liquid handling systems, consisting of sample preparation, extraction, and PCR testing capabilities to better manage epidemics or pandemics, all while reducing the need for manual intervention. The company is also developing its own NGS-based clinical microbiology and infectious diseases assays that could be scalable with its own liquid handling systems.

We believe that our fast, robust, and affordable products can provide researchers with the benefits they need to improve their genomic service

With the help of such a powerful portfolio of devices, Genolution aims to be at the forefront of genomic extraction innovation in the global marketplace and expects to achieve the same in different genomics fields, including the agricultural field. It is fascinating to note that Nextractor has found significant applications in testing and identifying species in food and other fast-moving consumer products. In light of the same, the company supports GMO and rice testing operations performed in Korea with its solution and plans to expand in the Asian market and ensure the security of food across the planet in the near future. Additionally, owing to the company’s expertise and long-standing experience with nucleic acids, especially RNA, Genolution’s long dsRNA (double-stranded RNA) synthesis service can aid in functional genomics for pest control development and crop improvement. It provides RNA on a kilogram basis to ensure that large-scale synthesis will never be a problem for the development of RNA-based pest control. The company is set to change the lives of humans worldwide with its expertise in molecular biology and genomics, both in terms of the world inside the body and out.